About a month ago I started doing yoga! I did ballet for 11 years and stopped when I came to college. I missed feeling strong and lean. And let's face it, I don't get too much exercise besides walking from the parking lot into Target to buy more chocolate. So I decided to sign up for classes. And if I'm paying for it, I'll go. And Jacob is even going with me! Any other dudes considering yoga, do it. There are quite a few guys in the classes and Jacob is loving his new abs. Who doesn't?

It's seriously amazeballs. It's so relaxing yet I still feel like I get run over by an 18-wheeler every morning (so I know it's working.) The only problem is that I am so competitive. It's like I'm trying to pull a muscle when I compete with all those flexible old ladies. But I'm getting better. I never ever ever thought I would see muscles in my arm. Like ever. Like I was hoping maybe when I had a kid one day they would poke out when I was forced to carry around my child all the time. But this is way easier (and more convenient) then having a baby!

I also got some beautiful leggings from K.Deer Haute Yoga Wear. Yoga clothes are super expensive, y'all. I guess it's better to spend my money on yoga clothes than a giant mexican dinner. Mmmm sour cream. But I digress. These leggings are so weightless and comfortable I want to wear them as pajamas. I may have already done that. I mean I paid $85 for them so I don't think that's too insane. I got tons of compliments on them and I actually want to do better yoga in them.

Yay yoga! Any other yogis out there?

xo Charlie


  1. I loved my prenatal yoga classes so much... need to be a yogi all the time !