Happy Valentine's Day!
My valentine this year is my sweet little miniature dachshund, Oswald. Normally all my pets would be my valentines but my two cats woke me up at 5:30am (after I had about 4 glasses of red wine and a green apple martini at around midnight) by running across my head. So they have been dismissed as my valentines. (Side note: I make a mean green smoothie that I drink every morning for breakfast but it has also proved to have wondrous hangover-curing abilities. I will post the recipe one day.)
If any of you watch Parks and Recreation you know that February 13 is Galentine's Day. A day to celebrate with your gals. I'm sort of dragging this out to today as well, celebrating with two different groups of girlfriends. We celebrated last night by drinking free wine and martinis downtown. Today it's manis and pedis and, you guessed it, more wine!
I'm also pumped to be heading home tomorrow with my bestie for a Mardi Gras Ball. We're going with my cousins which should be a good time. My family has notoriously amazing dance skills. Also, king cake.

(I'm trying to get used to blogging about my personal life and opinions. I'm not sure of my voice yet and it feels weird to talk about myself. No one reads this thing anyway so I guess it doesn't matter right now. I feel like I will look forward to blogging more if I can just talk about little moments in my life and have things to look back on later instead of trying to make this blog something it is not. I am, however, looking forward to writing about my senior capstone graphic design project in upcoming posts!)


Although it's still upwards of 90 degrees on most days here in Louisiana, I'm already moving my summer clothes out and my fall clothes in. It's no secret around here that I'm sweater obsessed. I have a ton of sweaters. I have girl sweaters and boy sweaters and fitted sweaters and oversized sweaters. I dress my dad in sweaters and my boyfriend in sweaters and my miniature dachshund in sweaters. Give me a giant, slouchy sweater with some leggings and boots and I'll be the happiest girl in the world.

Also, can you tell I don't like to wear a whole lot of color? I love me some neutrals!



I've been dreading writing this but Rocco has been weighing heavy on my mind lately. I'm dedicating this post to my babies. My sweet little puppies.

Jacob and I adopted Rocco, our handsome dachshund-mix about a year and a half ago from a shelter. He was about 4 or 5 but acted like a puppy. Completely full of life, he would play until he fell asleep on your chest. He loved to run and would run until his little legs couldn't carry him anymore (which was not very often!) He welcomed you home with the sloppiest of kisses and would lay by your legs all night long. He loved all of his toys and his people and could turn even the craziest cat lady (my mom) into a dog person. We only had him for a year but it felt like we had him our whole lives. He was the truest friend I ever had.
And then all of the sudden, he stopped eating. He was drinking a lot of water and looking really dazed. We got really worried one night and brought him to the emergency vet and our university. They ran some tests and told us everything was probably fine but they needed to keep him overnight. We got a call the next morning. They told us he had Stage V Lymphoma. We were completely overwhelmed and heartbroken but full of hope...our baby was a fighter.
They told us we could maybe have another year or two with him. He started chemo but he had some other problems that were pretty uncommon. He had to stay at the vet day and night from then out. We brought him toys and his favorite blankets. I was not used to seeing him so inactive and sleepy but I stayed strong whenever we visited him. We had an amazing oncologist and residential student who let us visit him anytime we wanted. Every morning we got a phone call updating us on his situation. Waiting for the call was so nauseating.
He fought as hard as he could but in the end his little body just couldn't do what he wanted it to do. We know he loved a lot of people and a lot of people loved him. We said goodbye to him. We were with him until the very end and he was so brave. Rest peacefully our first baby boy. You will live in our hearts forever.

After two miserable weeks, my mom and I were at Petsmart when they happened to be having a dog adoption event. We were about to walk into the store when I looked over at my mom and saw her eyes were huge a big smile was spreading across her face. Then I saw him. A small, scared, brindle miniature dachshund. We took him out to walk around with him. He was so nervous and gentle. I called Jacob and the rest is history! We decided to name him Oswald.
Oswald carved a new place in our hearts and we fall more in love with him every day (it's hard not to when you see his big otter feet and his huge brown eyes.)
We were worried at first if it was too soon. But we just have so much love to give. And Rocco would have loved his new little brother. We still talk about Rocco all the time and miss him so much it hurts. But he was physically hurting and now he can't hurt anymore. That brings us some peace.

Thank you for reading this and thank you everyone who followed Rocco's journey through my Instagram. The outpour of support was truly amazing and really helped me get through some tough times. If anyone reading this is having or has had a similar situation, please feel free to email me if you need someone to talk to. Having people to talk to was the best therapy for me, even if it was from total strangers.

Hug your furry babies extra tight tonight!
xo Charlie

(you can find my instagram and email address on my contact page!)


About a month ago I started doing yoga! I did ballet for 11 years and stopped when I came to college. I missed feeling strong and lean. And let's face it, I don't get too much exercise besides walking from the parking lot into Target to buy more chocolate. So I decided to sign up for classes. And if I'm paying for it, I'll go. And Jacob is even going with me! Any other dudes considering yoga, do it. There are quite a few guys in the classes and Jacob is loving his new abs. Who doesn't?

It's seriously amazeballs. It's so relaxing yet I still feel like I get run over by an 18-wheeler every morning (so I know it's working.) The only problem is that I am so competitive. It's like I'm trying to pull a muscle when I compete with all those flexible old ladies. But I'm getting better. I never ever ever thought I would see muscles in my arm. Like ever. Like I was hoping maybe when I had a kid one day they would poke out when I was forced to carry around my child all the time. But this is way easier (and more convenient) then having a baby!

I also got some beautiful leggings from K.Deer Haute Yoga Wear. Yoga clothes are super expensive, y'all. I guess it's better to spend my money on yoga clothes than a giant mexican dinner. Mmmm sour cream. But I digress. These leggings are so weightless and comfortable I want to wear them as pajamas. I may have already done that. I mean I paid $85 for them so I don't think that's too insane. I got tons of compliments on them and I actually want to do better yoga in them.

Yay yoga! Any other yogis out there?

xo Charlie


Hello everyone. So the last couple of months have been so weird right? I keep promising to come back and then I don't. Everyone (my mom) is on my case. Everyone (my mom) keeps saying "Well if you would keep up with your blog..." So I've been doing some thinking. And I think it's time to turn this puppy around.

When I started this blog I was so excited to share my work and talk about things I love. I read blogs all the time. I have several that I keep up with daily. But then I started to feel the pressure. I wanted to be great like the bloggers I read. I needed to do more DIYs and fashion and more recipes and make sure people kept coming back for crafts. But then I realized it was making me crazy! I put too much pressure on myself to be something I'm not. I'm not Pinterest, I'm a storyteller. Ask anyone I know. I love telling stories and making people laugh. And over 90% of the blogs I love just talk about their day-to-day life.

So I'm taking this blog in a new direction. Of course I'm going to be adding some of those things here and there but this blog is going to be about my life. I'm actually really REALLY excited! I've been avoiding my blog for so long and I don't want to do that anymore. I'll have an outlet to speak my mind and tell about my life. I'll have things to look back on. If you want to stick around, I'm sure glad to have ya! If you were hoping for something else then thanks for stopping by!

Thank you everyone (and well, let's face it...anyone left) for cheering me on and keeping up with me. I'm so excited to share my stories with you.

Love always,
xo Charlie